The efficient operation of pipelines transporting liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons is crucial. Any upset to the internal pipe surface can significantly impact on both pipeline throughput and energy requirements for maintaining designed flow rates. Maintaining a clean pipeline will help to maximize flow, increase system longevity, enhance system reliability while lowering associated safety risks, and ultimately improve profitability to pipeline owners and operators.

Throughout the operational life of pipelines, it is common to encounter deposits, including a buildup of sand, scale, wax, asphaltenes, black powder, hydrates and emulsions which can create flow restrictions, bore reductions, higher back pressures and accelerated corrosion.

Chenergy Services limited provides a wide range of specialized pipeline cleaning solutions designed to address any of these problems. Services include the following:

  • Routine Pigging
  • Progressive Pigging
  • Mechanical Pigging
  • Thermal Cleaning
  • Hot Oiling (or hot oil flushing)
  • Debris Pick Up Gel Pigging
  • Scale Removal
  • Wax Removal
  • Hydrate Removal
  • Black Powder Removal
  • Pre-Inspection Cleaning
  • De-Oiling
  • Change of Service Cleaning
  • Pipeline Decommissioning Cleaning.

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